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Helping You Achieve Your Health Goals

Whether you are making lifestyle changes or managing a chronic condition, the steps to staying healthy can be challenging. It can be easy to fall off track. That is where health coaches come in.  A health coach can help you improve your health by helping you be accountable for your personal goals and progress over time. They partner with you and your primary care physician to identify attainable health goals you want to achieve. Then, they work with you over a period of help you achieve your goals.

Transitional Care Team
Our patients have access to a Transitional Care Team. If you have been hospitalized with a chronic condition, 24 hours after you leave the hospital, a nurse will call you to help you understand how to recover faster and to answer your questions. The nurse will talk to you about the medicine you should take and any other treatments you can use to get better. Within four days of your hospital discharge, a care navigator will call you to schedule a visit to your home. During that visit, they will help you find ways to improve your health at home.

Download the Transitional Care Team brochure to learn more.

Population Health Coaches
Patients of The Physician Network can utilize a population health coach at no cost. A health coach is a registered nurse who will work with your primary care physician to determine the most important areas of your health to improve.

Watch a video of how a health coach helped a patient lose over 75 pounds.

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Employee Health Coach
Saint Elizabeth employees and Catholic Health Initiatives employees in Lincoln, Crete and Nebraska City can work with a population health coach to set healthy goals, create weight-loss and exercise plans, stick to a medication routine and incorporate prevention into daily life. The program is offered at no cost to employees.

Watch a video of how our employee health coach helped improve an employee's health.