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Job Shadowing

CHI Health has launched the College Student Job Shadowing Program to assist college students in their exploration of health care professions. The CHI Health College Student Job Shadowing program is a time-limited arrangement that allows students to observe clinical and/or non-clinical staff for education and development purposes. Shadowing allows the student to follow and observe a healthcare professional while they carry out their responsibilities at CHI Health. Job shadowing learning sessions will be scheduled for individuals only, not groups. You can access the information packet and application on the University Relations. Please visit for more information.

Once you have reached that page, scroll down the page and you will find on the left side bar “high school job shadowing program” or “college student job shadowing program”. Click on appropriate item for the Student Shadow process and paperwork.

All questions regarding job shadowing may be directed to If you have questions, please call (844) 717-6947.