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Burn and Wound Care

The St. Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Center is internationally recognized for outstanding research and for providing the latest treatments and procedures for serious burns or for wounds that will not heal. 

 Burn Care

The St. Elizabeth Burn Center, the region’s first dedicated burn unit, continues to save lives throughout the multi-state region. We are verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Burn Association (ABA).

This special designation offers burn patients and the community:

  • specialized care, services, equipment and staff trained to treat the most critical burn injuries
  • leadership in research, education and prevention
  • resource to area hospitals in their region

Our medical team helps each burn patient, adult or child make a physical, emotional and psychological recovery. From initial assessment through the ongoing healing process, a highly-skilled and caring multidisciplinary team uses the most current and effective therapies. The center includes an outpatient burn clinic for less serious burns or follow-up care for severe burns. 


Advanced Burn Laser Therapy

This year, we are excited to be able to offer our patients an Advanced Burn Laser treatment. For burn survivors, this new laser treatment penetrates the layers of skin to a depth of 4mm – much deeper than a cosmetic laser. When the skin is burned, the surrounding skin begins to pull together, resulting in a contracture or tightening of the skin. Previously, the only option was multiple surgeries combining reconstructive and aesthetic work. The burn laser treatment helps relaxes the scar, improves range of motion, increases flexibility and lessens disfigurement—well beyond ordinary cosmetic benefits.

The goal of our Burn Center is to help survivors return to as close as pre-injury health as possible. Currently, there are only 25 hospitals in the United States that offer burn laser treatment and St. Elizabeth is the only one in Nebraska. In the past, patients who could benefit from the treatment had to travel long distances. St. Elizabeth is excited to bring this treatment to Lincoln to improve burn patients’ quality of life.


Wound Care

When it comes to wound care, we have an impressive record of healing sores that others thought incurable, including many that would have resulted in amputation. A team of doctors, specially-trained nurses, foot care specialists and lab technologists are experienced in all areas of wound management. Even patients with long standing wounds may heal in a few months.


Learn about our Burn and Wound Center from Dr. David Voigt, Co-Medical Director





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