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In the Hands of Experts

We achieve exceptional outcomes for our tiniest patients. The Joint Commission chose Saint Elizabeth as the first hospital in the nation to receive two Gold Seals of Approval™, a mark of quality with accreditation and certification for compliance with exceptional standards for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and High-Risk Obstetrics. The Joint Commission recertified our two Gold Seals of Approval. We are one of only two hospitals in the nation to receive the award for Pre-Term Labor and one of five hospitals to receive the award for Prematurity.

Our NICU helps support and guide patients to exceptional outcomes. Hear from Dr. B.J. Wilson, Medical Director of the NICU.



Exceptional Care
Our NICU offers 27 all-private rooms, specially designed for premature babies. It features:

  • High-frequency, oscillating ventilators to help tiny premature lungs breathe easier
  • State-of-the-art infant monitors that automatically send quiet, wireless "alarms" directly to the baby's nurse signaling a potential problem
  • Adjustable light and sound levels in each room
  • Three areas for oxygen and other vital hook-ups in each room give parents the freedom to hold and cuddle their baby away from the bassinet
  • Our video library offers parents information on the unique challenges of infants in intensive care, their expected developmental process and helpful information on caring for them at home
  • Follow-up clinics offered for three years to help parents assure that your child reaches their maximum developmental levels
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